Non-woven viscous wound care hydrocolloid plaster dressing pad

Specification5cm*7cm 3600pcs/carton,carton size:0.08564 NW:8KG GW:9KG10cm*10cm 1800pcs/carton,carton size:0.07375 NW:8KG GW:9KG10*15cm ,1800pcs/carton,carton size:0.091210*20cm,  carton size 0.12272 NW:10KG GW:11KG 10*25cm,  carton size 0.14632 NW:11KG ,GW:12KG 10*30cm  ,carton size 0.16992 NW:13KG GW:14

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5cm*7cm 3600pcs/carton,carton size:0.08564 NW:8KG GW:9KG

10cm*10cm 1800pcs/carton,carton size:0.07375 NW:8KG GW:9KG

10*15cm ,1800pcs/carton,carton size:0.0912

10*20cm,  carton size 0.12272 NW:10KG GW:11KG 

10*25cm,  carton size 0.14632 NW:11KG ,GW:12KG 

10*30cm  ,carton size 0.16992 NW:13KG GW:14KG 

10*35cm, carton size: 0.19352 NW:15KG GW:16KG 


Non Woven Adhesive Wound Care Hydrocolloid Plaster Dressing Pad


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