Medical basic dressing kit stitch removal kit

1.  Disposable Suture Remove Kit      OEM Laceration Suture Tray Sterile Laceration Care Kit Product NameDisposable Suture Remove KitItem NoECXCompositionDrapePE GlovesPovidone-Iodine Prep SwabsDry Cotton BallsSuture ScissorPlastic TweezerMetal TweezerTrayGauzesPacking detailsI set with tray in

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1.  Disposable Suture Remove Kit
      OEM Laceration Suture Tray Sterile Laceration Care Kit
Product NameDisposable Suture Remove Kit
Item NoECX
PE Gloves
Povidone-Iodine Prep Swabs
Dry Cotton Balls
Suture Scissor
Plastic Tweezer
Metal Tweezer
Packing detailsI set with tray in plastic paper bag, 100bags/ ctn
ApplicationHospital, Clinic etc
CertificationCE, ISO 13485
MaterialPE, Cotton,Novwoven
Ethylene Oxide SterilizationEthylene Oxide Sterilization
MOQ100 bags
Production Capacity200,000bags/month
FeatureDisposable/ Singe use only
suture remove kitC03-CX-1Suture removel scissor10.5cm1pcs
Metal forcep12.5cm1pcs
Plastic forcep12.5cm1pcs
Iodine ball 0.25g*5pcs1bag
Cotton ball0.25g 6pcs
PE gloveL1pair 
Non woven gauze7.5*7.5cm-42pcs
Single tray14*19cm1pcs
C03-CX-2Suture removel scissor10.5cm1pcs
Plasitc forcep12.5cm1pcs
Non woven gauze5*5cm2pcs
Single tray14*10cm1pcs
Medical Basic Dressing Set of Suture Removal Kit

2. Packing Details and we can also pack the products according to customer's request and design.

Medical Basic Dressing Set of Suture Removal Kit

3. Company Introduction

1. Zibo Qichuang Medical Products Co.,Ltd is an innovative company which is established in 2012. Our company is committed to reach and prodcing disposable medical products. We own10,000 square meters 100,000-level purification GMP workshop,1000 square meters sterile laboratory; and use high-quality raw materials and advanced independent design and impovement of fully automated production equipment. 

2.  The company's reseach and development products are in line with the international use concept, more convenient ,more efficient; in the service of medical, convenient medical purposes, reseach and development, production and sales of various professional medical products; always put quality in the frist place,will meet the customer's requirements are the goal of work, and the production process is controlled to impove our product quality and service.

Medical Basic Dressing Set of Suture Removal Kit

4.   Company Main Products

   1. Disposable Care Kit:
  (1)  PICC puncture Care kit;
  (2)  Infusion Care Kit ;   
  (3)  IV start Care KIt;
  (4)  Blood Collection Care Kit;
  (5)  Dressing Change Care Kit;
  (6)  Dialysis Care Kit;
  (7)  PICC care Kit;
  (8)  Suture Remove Kit;
  (9)  Skin Prep Care Kit;
  (10) Oral Care Kit.
2.Catheter Fixation Device: 

(1)  Needle Fixation Device,
(2)  PICC/CVC Catheter Fixation Device,
(3)  Urethral Catheter Fixation Device,
(4)  Nasogastric Tube Fixation Deivce,
(5)  Endotracheal-Tube Fixation Device.

3.Medeical Dressing:

 (1) Transparent  Dressing;
 (2)  Transparent Wound Dressing;
 (3)  Adhesive Wound Dressing;
 (4) Surgical Film.

4.Maternal and Baby Products:

 (1)  Belly Band;
 (2)  Baby Umbilical Paste.

5.Other Products:

 (1)  Surgical Tape;
 (2)  Infusion Paste;
 (3)  Tourniquet.

The above products can be customized according to customer's requirements and OEM services.
Medical Basic Dressing Set of Suture Removal Kit

5. Production Environment

Medical Basic Dressing Set of Suture Removal Kit
6. Company Certification:   ISO 13485, CE, FDA

Medical Basic Dressing Set of Suture Removal Kit

7.  FAQ

     1.Can I print my own logo on bag/box?

     Yes, you can print your own logo on the box.

     2.Can I change contents in the bag/box?

     Yes, you can design the contents as you need.

     3.I need to do research, can i get some sample from you?

      We provide free sample, but you need to pay the freight.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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