Good price protective waterproof wound dressing for wound dressing

Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing For Wound Dressing1,Micro negative pressure superabsorbent wound dressing    Product features: The super absorbent fiber made with high-tech technology has high water absorption, softness and comfort; efficient vertical absorption, the water absorption rate can

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Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing For Wound Dressing

1,Micro negative pressure superabsorbent wound dressing

 Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing  Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing

Product features: The super absorbent fiber made with high-tech technology has high water absorption, softness and comfort; efficient vertical absorption, the water absorption rate can reach 20 times, which is equivalent to the liquid absorption capacity of 34 layers of gauze, reducing the number of dressing changes. Greatly reduce the cost of treatment; while quickly absorbing wound exudate, ensure that the wound surface is moderately moist, which is in line with the principle of wound healing; anti-reverse osmosis to prevent wound surface maceration; in-situ retention of exudate, with a "water-locking" function; super absorbent silicon gel Adhesive dressings have non-adhesive wounds, painless tearing and prevention of scars; salt-containing super-absorbent wound dressings contain 28% hypertonic salt, which can effectively clean the wound, and can absorb wound exudate, bacteria and necrotic substances and lock in the dressing Among them; with a grid design, it can be tailored at will according to the size of the wound.
Scope of application: It can be used in various stages of wounds, especially suitable for all kinds of medium and high exudative wounds; plastic skin grafts for burns, wounds in the skin donor area; various post-surgical and trauma wounds; - degree burns and scald wounds; various Types of ulcers, pressure sores and other difficult-to-heal wounds.

2.Alginate wound dressing:
 Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing
Alginate dressing is a high-tech medical dressing made by combining alginate fiber extracted from natural seaweed plants and calcium ions through a special process.
Product features: excellent hygroscopicity, forming a hydrogel on the wound surface, moisturizing the wound surface and promoting wound surface healing; calcium ion exchanges with sodium ion, calcium ion activates prothrombin and promotes blood clotting; does not adhere to the wound and protects nerves The extremity reduces the pain of the wound, is easy to remove from the wound surface, and there is no foreign body remaining; the fiber absorbs moisture and swells, and the bacteria are fixed between the fibers, so it has antibacterial function; it can quickly absorb a large amount of exudate, with a soft texture and good compliance; no It can cause immersion of the skin around the wound; it can be biodegraded and has good environmental performance; it is soft, can fill the wound cavity and promote the growth of the cavity.
Scope of application: all kinds of medium and high oozing birth wounds; all kinds of acute and chronic hemorrhagic wounds; all kinds of difficult-to-heal wounds on limb ulcers, bedsores, diabetic feet, post-tumor wounds, abscesses, etc.; wounds in the donor area; filler Used for various lacunar wounds, such as nasal cavity surgery, sinus surgery, tooth extraction surgery, etc

3.Silver-containing activated carbon fiber dressing
 Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing
The silver-containing carbon fiber dressing is composed of three layers, which are PET non-woven fabric, silver-like activated carbon fiber cloth, and PE film. When the dressing comes into contact with wound exudate, activated carbon fiber itself can absorb blood exudate and bacteria by its excellent adsorption characteristics and moisture retention, providing a moist environment for the wound, and at the same time releasing silver ions, destroying the bacterial cell membrane and cell nucleus, achieving a sterilization effect and preventing Wound infection, reduce wound odor. Activated carbon fiber also has the function of far infrared rays, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and shorten the time of wound healing.
Product features: The silver particles carried by the activated carbon fiber can eliminate more than 650 types of bacteria, reduce infections and reduce pain; it can absorb endotoxins produced by bacterial metabolism to prevent these harmful substances from harming the skin and reduce irritation and discomfort ; Block UVA and UVB, achieve ultraviolet protection, protect wounds and new skin; can lock wound odor in the micropores; accelerate blood circulation, maintain the best wound healing temperature, promote collagen formation, smooth the wound, prevent scars, and inhibit Inflammation, relieve pain;
Scope of application: general trauma, abrasions, post-operative wounds; chronic wounds such as diabetes, bedsores; wounds caused by tumors or chemotherapy; first or second-degree burns and scalds; wounds in the skin removal area and the skin graft area. The product is not suitable for acute bleeding and seborrheic dermatitis wounds.
4,Silver ion dressing

Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing    Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing

Silver ion dressings have strong inhibitory properties against bacteria and many other microorganisms, and do not produce resistance. The release of silver ions is related to wound exudate. The more exudate, the more silver ions are released.
Product features: continuous sterilization, the sterilization effect can reach 5-7 days; high-efficiency and long-lasting antibacterial properties, effective against various pathogenic microorganisms; control and prevent wound infection, protect the edge of the wound, and prevent the invasion of surrounding bacteria; promote wound healing and reduce scars Formation; no adhesion to the wound, no pain to change the dressing, no secondary injury.
Scope of application: treatment of various highly exudative wounds and prevention of wounds with infection tendency; chronic wounds that are difficult to heal, such as diabetic feet, venous ulcers of the lower extremities, etc.; packing of deep wounds for anti-infection; prevention of infection of wounds in the skin grafting area.
5,Porous silicone gel anti-adhesive dressing
 Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing

Product features: soft silicone technology, soft, transparent, gentle and slightly sticky; non-adhesive, keep the wound moist, without residue; protect the transplanted wound and skin flap; prevent the outer dressing from adhering to the wound, protect the granulation and epithelium, and realize painless replacement Medicine; porous design, hydrophobic and breathable, allowing exudates to pass smoothly and quickly absorbed by the outer dressing; thin and light, smooth and compliant; can be cut or spliced; reduce pain and prevent scars.
Scope of application: all kinds of surgical incisions (can be used after surgery); all kinds of acute wounds, such as: abrasions, avulsions, burns and scalds, etc.; granulation growth period of all kinds of chronic wounds; wounds in sensitive areas, such as finger wounds, After nail removal, circumcision wounds, perianal surgery wounds, etc.; skin grafting and skin grafting areas for patients with skin grafts; used in combination with negative pressure products.
6,Silicone gel foam dressing
 Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing  

For the prevention of skin tissue pressure injury (pressure sore:

Product features: Experiments have confirmed that when silicone gel foam is used on the bone protuberances, it can reduce 42%-47% of the pressure and 30% of the shear force, effectively preventing the occurrence of pressure sores. The back layer of the product is waterproof and not easy to be contaminated by external sources; it has strong plasticity and is suitable for difficult-to-apply areas; it is firmly pasted and does not stick to hair; it will not tear off epithelial cells and protect fragile skin; the dressing can be pasted repeatedly when it is not contaminated. It is convenient to observe the local area; it can be used for up to 10 days, which has higher economic benefits; it is more superior than hydrocolloid dressings and ordinary foam dressings in preventing pressure sores.

Scope of application: decompression of fragile skin at the protruding bone; long-term bedridden patients; patients with inability to move; paraplegic patients; primary and secondary pressure ulcers; perioperative patients to prevent pressure ulcers; ICU patients.

7,Foam dressing

  1.  Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing

    This product is foamed from medical polyurethane with CMC, divided into ordinary type, composite type, self-adhesive type, and silver ion type. The sticky part of the self-adhesive foam dressing is a thin hydrocolloid, which can speed up wound healing while fixing the dressing.
    Product features: high absorbency, can absorb a large amount of wound secretions and reduce skin immersion; the original one retains seepage and has a "water-locking" function; the surface is covered with a polyurethane membrane, which is waterproof and breathable and prevents bacterial invasion; provides moisture for wound healing The best environment to promote wound healing; does not adhere to the wound surface, does not adhere to the wound during replacement, and is painless; soft, comfortable, and well-compliant, with cushion decompression effect; silver ion foam dressing has the above functions and both Antibacterial; various forms, available for clinical multiple choices
    Scope of application: Widely used in wounds with medium to large amounts of exudate, such as: used to treat chronic and acute wounds, such as: leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (stage -) and diabetic ulcers; surgical trauma (after surgery, supply Skin area, skin injury); partial cortical ( degree) burns; traumatic wounds or surgical wounds reserved for secondary healing treatment, such as dehisced surgical incisions; surgical creation through primary healing, such as dermatology and surgical incisions (such as Orthopedics and vascular surgery); local treatment of wounds that are prone to bleeding, such as mechanically or surgically removed wounds and skin donor areas; painful wounds, abrasions, lacerations, cuts, burns, etc.; silver ion foam dressings are particularly suitable for infections At the same time, there is a wound with high exudate fluid; the tracheostomy type is suitable for escrow fixation during tracheotomy and other special occasions.
     8.Hydrocolloid dressing (artificial skin)
Good Price Protective Waterproof Wound Dressing for Wound Dressing   
Product features: excellent ability to absorb exudate; keep the wound moist, promote wound healing, reduce pain, and reduce the number of dressing changes; waterproof, breathable, and block the invasion of external bacteria; good elasticity and self-adhesiveness, comfortable and convenient to use; according to product color The change prompts the replacement time; it is easy to tear off, and does not adhere to the wound surface, does not cause secondary damage, and reduces pain; the diversity of products can provide different choices for the clinic.
Scope of application: all kinds of low-to-moderate exudative wounds such as: epidermal injury; pressure ulcer prevention and treatment of stage I-II pressure ulcers; small-area superficial burns; postoperative wounds; wounds in the donor area; granulation stage of chronic wounds And epithelialization period; venous ulcer, phlebitis, lymphangitis, etc.; plastic and cosmetic wounds.
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