First aid dressing bandage

First aid dressing bandage:1. FDA, CE, ISO13485.2. Export to many countries.3. The largest Production Base in China.4. Good quanlity and reasonable price.5. Manufacturer.Product feature:1. Brand new substitute of traditional plaster bandage/P. O. P bandage. 5 times lighter than traditional plaster bandage2. More than

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First aid dressing bandage:
1. FDA, CE, ISO13485.
2. Export to many countries.
3. The largest Production Base in China.
4. Good quanlity and reasonable price.
5. Manufacturer.

Product feature:
1. Brand new substitute of traditional plaster bandage/P. O. P bandage. 5 times lighter than traditional plaster bandage
2. More than twenty times strongers than the P. O. P bandage
3.100%permeable to X-ray. Allowing subsequent X-ray photography without unwrapping and thus can saving expenses for patients
4. Proof against water
5. Easy to use
6. Easy to shape
7. Harmless to human health

This product is made of knitted fiberglass fabric or polyester fabric, and water-activated polyurethane resin. It uses environment friendly materials, and mainly used for the external fixation of fracture and common orthopedics.
This product has many advantages comparing with plaster bandage. It is the upgraded and replaced product of the traditional plaster bandage.
Fiberglass Casting Tape has higher strength and is easier to be cut than Polyester Casting Tape.
Polyester Casting Tape can be burnt thoroughly, so it is more environmentally friendly.

How to use:
1. Wear gloves and choose the appropriate specifications.
2. Use cotton paper or cotton yarn for pad at the fixed part.
3. Open the packaging and take out the bandages, DIP in room temperature water at 2-3 seconds then extrusion twice for the sake of pile out the excess moisture.
4. According to the need for winding the spiral, the moderate letdown, 2-6 serpentine at the support position, the other 2-4 are enough.

Please apply the surgical rubber gloves when you operate the product.
When the resin is stuck to operator, please wipe it out with cotton swab with acetone.

1. Be careful and avoid breaking the package.
2. Please store Connect Cast at room temperature.
3. The shelf life of Connect Cast is 3 years from the day of production.

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 TypePart No    Specification    (W *L)Packingcarton sizeGW(KG)
 2inch KCF025.0cm*360cm10 rolls/box*12 box /carton62*39*40 cm
(0.09672 CBM)
3inchKCF037.5cm*360cm10 rolls/box*12 box /carton62*39*40 cm
(0.09672 CBM)
4inchKCF0410.0cm*360cm10 rolls/box* 9 box /carton62*39*40 cm
(0.09672 CBM)
5inchKCF0512.5cm*360cm10 rolls/box* 9 box /carton62*39*40 cm
(0.09672 CBM)
6inchKCF0615.0cm*360cm10 rolls/box* 9 box /carton62*39*40 cm
(0.09672 CBM)

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