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Outdoorsy life isn’t for everyone. So if you’re shopping for some camping gifts this holiday season for the person who lives for adventure and you feel a bit lost, we’ve got ya covered. We’ve rounded up a couple gifts for the outdoors that we have a feeling they’ll be putting to use stat. Like a portable shower, a smokeless fire pit, and a solo tent that’ll withstand inclement weather. Peak gifting status, here you come.  Camping Led Lights

Camping Gifts for Your Favorite Outdoor Adventurer | theSkimm

Whether they’re at home or at a campsite, thanks to an included stand that’ll give it a solid place to rest on. The stove can run on all kinds of fuel — pellets, any fuel on hand, and even oak firewood — and is made of stainless steel that’s lightweight, highly durable, and won’t cave under the hot flame. Plus, it comes in six different colors to give their outdoor atmosphere a pop. One batch of s’mores, coming right up. ($69.99, Solo Stove )

This one’s a modern take on the Igloo classic. It’s got a slingback adjustable strap and comes in nine bright colors. And don’t let the size fool you — this cooler can hold up to 14 cans, has up to two days of ice retention, and comes with a leakproof and lockable lid. Ice, ice, baby. ($39.99, Igloo )

Perfect for those dedicated to their vino. This table’s got four holes meant to hold a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a bowl of whatever it is they’re in the mood to munch on. The top folds flat and locks into place for both open and closed positions, and has a fiberglass spike so they can plant it firmly into the ground. Clink, clink. ($60, Uncommon Goods )

Because what’s a camping trip without a delicious meal prepared in the great outdoors? This kit comes with a bamboo cutting board , microfiber towel, soap bottle, and three finely crafted stainless steel knives — a chef knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. Let’s get cookin’. ($74.95, L.L.Bean )

So they can go skiing, surfing, kayaking, or camping during a rainstorm with peace of mind in tow. They’ll get a set of three bags in different sizes — 5, 10, and 20 liters — all made with strong diamond-weave ripstop polyester. Plus, they come with a quick, roll-seal fastening design for easy access. ($29.95+, Amazon )

It’s easy to set up thanks to its freestanding two-pole design, has great ventilation with half mesh walls, a vestibule for gear storage, and overhead mesh storage for their essentials. It’s been built with UV-resistant polyester and has a coated floor for weather protection. Avid climbers and hikers love the durability — rain or shine — and easy setup. ($84.99+, Amazon )

This one can heat up to 225 square feet and has been approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Note, however, that it might shut off when operating at altitudes over 7,000 feet above sea level. It’s got a fold-down handle and will shut off if it’s tipped over, if the pilot light goes out, or if it detects low oxygen levels. Staying cozy and safe? Add to cart. ($74, Amazon )

And that can double as a blanket for sharing. It comes in two colors — blue and gold — and can easily pack down into the kangaroo pocket so they’ll be able to take it wherever they go. Customers say it does a great job of retaining warmth in their sleeping bag or sitting sideline at a winter game. ($97.39, Backcountry )

Hello, stocking stuffer. Whether they’re using it for camping in the great outdoors or keeping it in their car, this heavy-duty flashlight is sure to come in handy at some point. It’s got three different light modes — lantern, flashlight, and a side panel option — and is compact enough to fit in any backpack or center console. Psst…snag it in one of its brighter colors so they can find it easily in the dark. ($9.99, HSN )

Whether they’re spending a night in their vehicle or just taking a break for a quick nap, this will make their backseat a much more comfy place to get some shut-eye. The mattress pack comes with an air pump, a pillow set, repair pads, a neck pillow , an eye mask, and a set of ear plugs. It’s suitable for most car models — saloon cars, SUVs, and MPVs — and the brand recs measuring the backseat just to be sure it’ll fit properly. ($29.98, Amazon )

If they’re adventuring somewhere without a functioning shower nearby, they’ll be glad to have this practical gift on hand. The portable shower makes staying fresh easy: It’s got a long camping hose, LED lights, two flow rates, and USB rechargeable batteries. ($42.99, Amazon )

If they take their dog along whenever they’re hitting the road, they’ll get tons of use out of this portable pet bed. It’s lightweight, packable, and comes with a storage bag for transportation. Plus, it’s got a ripstop cover that helps minimize tears and a machine-washable design. All aboard the comfy pup express. ($22.49, Chewy )

Because no one likes a lukewarm brew. These plaid zip-ups aren’t just adorable, they’re functional too: They’ve got two layers of insulation to keep your drinks frosty around the fire pit. And they’ll instantly put a smile on your giftee’s face. ($14 each, Uncommon Goods )

Trust us on this one. We have it and can’t gush enough about how much we love it. It’s one of the most lightweight speakers on the market, but it doesn’t sacrifice sound quality or bass. The battery lasts for 13 hours (it literally feels like you never have to charge it), and it’s waterproof even if you drop it in a sink full of water (guilty). ($79.99, Amazon )

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Camping Gifts for Your Favorite Outdoor Adventurer | theSkimm

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